☺ A CAMEL and a JACKAL became good friends.One day,the JACKAL came to the CAMEL and promised to show him a field of sweet sugarcane.The field of sugarcane was on the other side of the river.

The CAMEL agreed to carry the JACKAL on his back across the river.On reaching the other side,the JACKAL showed the CAMEL the field of sugarcane.Then he went to the river bank to look for crabs.The JACKAL had his fill and began to howl.The noise brought all the men of the villae there.They saw the CAMEL and beat him with long sticks.

The poor CAMEL hadn’t eaten even one piece of sugarcane.He ran out of the field.There he saw the JACKAL waiting for him.The CAMEL quickly set off to cross the river with the JACKAL on his back.

                                                                                                                                  When they reached the middle the middle of the river,the CAMEL said “Friend JACKAL,why did you have to howl? I couldn’t relish the sweet sugarcane.And the villagers beat me cruelly.”That is my habit”,said the JACKAL,”I always howl after dinner.”

                                                                  “Well,I like to roll after dinner”,said the CAMEL  and rolled over in the middle of the river.He threw the JACKAL off his back.The JACKAL struggled his way out of the water and vowed never to play such cruel tricks on anyone.




                                     ⇒There were two brothers who were always up to somebody mischief.If  somebody had been locked up in his house or if somebody’s dog had been painted green,one always knew who the culprits were-the brothers.

                                                 One day the boy’s mother asked a priest to talk to her sons and puts the fear of god in them so that they would mend their ways.The priest asked her to send her sons to him one at a time.

                                                          when the younger boy,a lad of thirteen,came,he made him sit and asked him;

                        “where is god?”

                         The boy did not answer.

                         The priest asked again,in a louder voice:”Where is god?”

            The boy remained silent.But when the priest asked the same question a third time,the boy jumped up and ran aways.He went straight to his brother.

                        “we are in big trouble!”he gasped.

“what’s wrong?”asked the older boy,wairly,wondering which of their sins had caught up with them.

                  “god is missing,”said the youngster,”and they think we have something to do with it!”


One day a child goes to his mother and asks her,”Mother,who is that old man sitting on the mountain?”

The Mother answers,”Don’t call him an old man.He is Lord Buddha,who knows the answer to every question in this universe.” e

“Really,does he know the answers to all the questions?”asks the child.”yes my dear,”replies the mother.

The child  goes to the mountain where Buddha is meditating,catches a butterfly from the garden,and cupping the butterfly gently in his2 hands,approaches Buddha.

Keeping his hand behind his back,he asks Buddha,”Is the thing in my hand alive or daed?”

The child thinks that if Buddha answers that the thing is alive,he will crush the butterfly in his hand and show the dead butterfly proving Buddha wrong.And if Buddha answers that the thing is dead,he will open his gently cupped hand,allowing the butterfly to fly away showing that the butterfly was alive and again proving Buddha wrong.Thus Buddha would not know the answer to all question.”Is the thing in my hand alive or dead?”asks the eager child.

The Buddha opens his eyes,nods his head and replies,”my dear son,the answer lies in your hands!!!!!”